Shauna Roberts

played by Debi Mazar

Shauna faces the challenge of controlling spin on a client who doesn't worry about his image.

Character Bio

As Vincent Chase's publicist, Shauna faces the challenge of having to control spin on a client who doesn't worry about his image. The upside? She doesn't have to take any crap from Vince's friends, and has no problem letting them know it.


In addition to the latest season of 'Entourage.' Mazar will appear in the upcoming films 'Return to Babylon,' 'The Women' and 'A Beautiful Life.' A New York native, Mazar made her feature film debut in Martin Scorsese's 'Goodfellas' as Ray Liotta's junkie mistress. From that auspicious beginning, she went to work with such noted directors as Jodi Foster in her directorial debut 'Little Man Tate,' Barry Levinson in 'Toys,' Woody Allen in 'Bullets Over Broadway' and Joel Schumacher in 'Batman Forever.' Mazar has also made her mark in the independent film world co-starring in such off-beat films as Nick Cassavetes' 'She's So Lovely' and in Steve Buscemi's directorial debut 'Trees Lounge.' She was seen with Al Pacino in 'The Insider' directed by Michael Mann and co-starred opposite Jackie Chan in 'The Tuxedo.' Other film credits include a supporting role in 'Collateral,' again for director Michael Mann and the 'Get Shorty' sequel 'Be Cool.'

She made her television debut on 'Civil Wars' as Denise Iannello, a character who was then transplanted to another primetime show, 'LA Law.' Mazar developed and starred in her own sitcom 'Temporarily Yours' for CBS and was a regular on the series 'That's Life' with Ellen Burstyn.

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