Interview With Dermot Mulroney


This is a big episode for Amy and Jeff, both professionally and romantically. What is it he sees in her?

Dermot Mulroney

On the surface, they share a passionate outlook on life and both believe in grasping onto the slimmest possibilities of improving life on earth. She's kind of hot and harried and certainly available. I don't think he's overthinking it too much.


Mike White said in a recent Inside the Episode that their relationship is a little like that of the high school quarterback who feeds off the attention of the wide-eyed freshman girl.

Dermot Mulroney

Yeah. He's definitely into his own hero worship. It doesn't take much for him to reveal how many Twitter followers he has. He also casually drops into conversation that he's a Princeton grad and spent some time in the Peace Corps.


Jeff has covered stories around the globe and about all kinds of subjects. What's his interest in Abaddonn?

Dermot Mulroney

He's a man who cares about preserving the quality of life on earth as best he can, so he's always going to rat out the bad guys, the polluters, the civil rights-offenders. Corporate evil is anathema to him.


What other kind of stories has he reported on?

Dermot Mulroney

I could picture him as a war correspondent. Or if there was a horrible chemical spill somewhere, he'd be there to sop up the glory of reporting on it. He sees himself as an old-style "hero journalist."


Where does Jeff go after this story breaks?

Dermot Mulroney

You know the episode where Jeff invites Amy to join him at the fundraising event with all the "issue" people? They were played by real activists. There's a passion that these people carry and you can see it in them. He'll be looking for the next person with that look in their eye-that frantic zealotry.


Exit Interview:

Can one person change the world?


What's your personal mission statement?

Group up.

What's the best way to quit your job?

Drop your tools and walk off the work site.

What's the worst job you ever had?

Dishwasher at a Paul Revere Smorgasbord in Ocean City, Maryland. It seated 700 people so it was a massive dishwashing operation. I did move up the ranks during the course of the summer though, becoming a fry chef.

I need rehab for _____:

Need or needed? I'll leave it at that.

Is there a night you'd like to forget?

I already forgot a lot of them.

If I were a corporation I'd be:

A new invention.

What is the best advice you ever got?

Paul Newman told me to be on time.

What was the occasion for that?

I was late.

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