Interview with Timm Sharp (Dougie)


There's a moment in episode 4 when Amy chases Dougie down to the elevator and shows him the emails she and Tyler hacked into. What's going through Dougie's mind as he reads what the Abaddonn higher-ups really think of him?

Timm Sharp

His kingdom is dissolving before his very eyes. He's losing all the power that he thinks he has-or that he probably knows deep down he doesn't have. I think reality is coming into focus for him.


How does he take that news?

Timm Sharp

Not very well. He probably hasn't felt that way since high school, but those comments may have sounded a little familiar to him. He's shocked.


It's funny to imagine Dougie in high school. What do you think it was like for him then?

Timm Sharp

It's hard not to see him as an amped-up a**hole, but he was probably more introverted. Then, maybe in college, he started smoking pot or something. He probably wasn't as angry back then.


We get a glimpse into Dougie's psyche when he flips out about the emails. How does he view his own achievements?

Timm Sharp

He's genuinely proud of his achievements, and because of the way he presents himself, no one thinks he can accomplish anything. He likes to remind people that he is a badass.


What do you think Dougie would be doing if he weren't at Abaddonn?

Timm Sharp

He'd probably be a manager at Best Buy, with the same amount of intensity. Or maybe at Apple or some other computer place-he's smart, he went to Irvine.


Now that he knows the end is coming for his group, what's his approach to working in a place with no future prospects?

Timm Sharp

He throws all protocol out the window. He wants to establish camaraderie with the people who work downstairs. He feels for them, and feels somewhat responsible that they're going to be fired.


How does Dougie do with the ladies?

Timm Sharp

He probably thinks he does all right. You know the VH1 show, ‘The Pick-Up Artist' with Mystery? I think he fancies himself something of a Mystery. Honesty never works with chicks, is probably his view.



Exit Interview


Can one person change the world?


What's your personal mission statement?

Integrity is incredibly important to me. As long as you're authentic, you can do no wrong.

What's the best way to quit your job?

Have an honest conversation with your boss.

What's the worst job you ever had?

My first job, I was Chuck E. at Chuck E. Cheese's.

I need rehab for _____:

My ego.

Is there a night you'd like to forget?

No. The craziest New Year's Eve in my life comes to mind, but because it was so eventful, it's also my favorite story to tell. So no regrets.

If I were a corporation I'd be:


What is the best advice you ever got?

Don't be discouraged, and follow your dreams. As cheesy at it sounds, it's true.

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