Interview with Luke Wilson (Levi)


This is the first episode entirely from Levi's perspective. Is there something new we find out about him that we don't see through other people?

Luke Wilson

I think so. You're pretty much always getting Amy's perspective on Levi, so this is the first time you get to see him in the wild. That was an interesting thing about doing this episode, and showing all these different stages of him-rock bottom, feeling better but belligerent, disenchanted with rehab, then actually starting to benefit from it. You're definitely seeing a different side of him. 


In what way does Amy see him differently?

Luke Wilson

Amy almost always sees the best in him, which in a way keeps him going. If another person thinks of him in such a positive light, then despite all his problems, maybe he is a good person. I don't picture him being all that introspective about himself, so he has to rely on what Amy says, and she is clean and sober, so he has respect for her opinion.


At Open Air, does he see something of himself in Trevor and Danielle or are they just people he can party with?

Luke Wilson

I don't think he's too connected to anybody, and generationally he's different than them. They're in their early to mid-twenties and Levi's 41. If anything they're like he was back when he was their age, but I don't think he feels he has too much in common with them.


In his first letter to Amy, Levi writes, "For me, God is a beer on the beach. Maybe that's f**ed up, but at least it's honest." Is that Levi's personal philosophy?

Luke Wilson

I don't think everything he says in BS, but in that letter he's certainly BS-ing when he basically says, "This isn't for me, what is for me is doing whatever I want, whether it's drugs or having a beer on the beach." I don't think he really believes it, but it is part of him getting better.


Is the change he makes genuine?

Luke Wilson

I definitely think it is genuine. He's thinking clearly for the first time. Though having no drugs and no alcohol is certainly a shock to his system so you have to take it with a grain of salt.


What can we expect to see from Levi as the season progresses?

Luke Wilson

In a lot of ways he's not that different. The rage is still there, whatever emotions he was trying to get away from are still there, so he still has some unresolved feelings.


 How was it shooting in Hawaii?

Luke Wilson

It was incredible. I always kid around that Owen gets to go to all these great exotic locations and I'll be down somewhere like Shreveport.


Exit Interview


Can one person change the world?


What's your personal mission statement?

Take it day by day. Treat other people the way I'd like to be treated-it's harder than it sounds.

Worst job you've ever had: 

I was on a construction crew where I was the lowest man on the totem pole.

What's the best way to quit your job?

Just walk away.

I need rehab for ____:

Bootleg CDs. I tend to buy the same albums over and over again.

Night I'd like to forget:

There are a lot of them.

If I were a corporation, I'd be:


Best advice I ever got:

I always get advice and then forget it. Maybe, "don't forget good advice."

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