played by Mike White

Amy's seemingly meek co-worker...

Character Bio

Amy's seemingly meek co-worker, took an interest in Amy when she was transferred down to Cogentiva. Tyler is constantly drawn in to Amy's schemes during work hours and beyond, much to the annoyance of their boss Dougie.

Mike White

Mike White's writing credits range from the award-winning indie black comedies ‘Chuck and Buck,' ‘The Good Girl,' and ‘Year of the Dog,' to mainstream comedy hits ‘School of Rock,' ‘Orange County,' and ‘Nacho Libre.' His TV credits include the short-lived but critically-praised ‘Freaks and Geeks' and ‘Pasadena.' Along with appearing in many of his own films, White is known for twice competing in the Emmy-winning ‘Amazing Race' reality television show with his father, Mel. 

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