Wayne Powers

played by Bo Mitchell


Bo was 9 months old when he got his first job for a JC Penny print ad. Bo continued from there with many more print and commercials, from Land Rover to Nikon, before starting to work in TV and film at age 5. He still lives in Aiken, South Carolina but travels the East coast and out to the West coast often.

Bo appeared in the 2007 ABC series 'October Road,' in which he played Doodie and 'Little Big Shots' - a Simon Cowell show where he plays himself. He also worked on a show called 'Fridays' on Cartoon Network. Bo appeared in three films in 2007/2008 that will hit the big screen in 2010.

Bo owns his own business that he started at age 7 and has great entrepreneurial talent. He owns the copyright to all of his logos and jingles and runs Hollywoods Tropical Sno. With over 100 flavors of the finest shaved ice in the south. He employs about 15 teens every summer, Bo and his dad Bryan Chavis own a motorcycle shop and car business together where they buy old Cycles and Cars and restore them to resale. This business, Hollywoods Cycles, employs both of his parents full time. Bo appeared on FOX news with Neil Kuvado's business show in 2007. Bo has plans to continue to grow as a businessman and an actor.

Bo has always been home schooled and played football in his home town from age 5 to 11. Bo's coaches nicknamed him Hollywood which is why his businesses are all called Hollywoods.

At the age of 9 months, Bo was discovered by an agent in a Charlotte NC, shopping mall. The agent saw Bo's potential, thinking that Bo was 2 years old due to his size and walking at such a young age. Bo started working soon after the chance meeting and has continued his career.