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Soldier yelling

Soldier outside

Guys piled up

Soldier playing golf in rubble

Young African boys shouting

Soldier shooting seen from back

Soldier in trench yelling

Soldier in distress

Soldiers blurry shot in bunker

Drawing on wall

Two soldiers wrestling

Troops taking a break

Kids playing

Young African man

Young African woman with American Flag scarf

Children seen through glasses

Two Libyan fighters with weapons

Libyan man with young children with explosives

Young armed boy outside shack

Family with small baby evacuating

Young boy in classroom with weapon

Young African man with grenade

African civil war refugees

Young African militants

Young militants dancing in street

African couple in jeep

Helmet with bullet hole

Soldier sleeping on wooden plank

Soldiers hugging

Sebastian Junger

Which Way Is the Front Line From Here? The Life and Time of Tim Hetherington

A film by Sebastian Junger

Reveals the late photographer Tim Hetherington's work across the world's battlefields.