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Angelo Crapsey Slideshow

Young Angelo pre war

Angelo M. Crapsey. Young, handsome, and ready for anything.

Angelos father

Angelo's father, the Rev. John Crapsey Jr. (Courtesy Raymond Handy.)


Angelo's friend, Laroy Lyman.

Angelo as a soldier

A sheepish-looking Angelo. Probably taken at Harrisburg, 1861.

Hand drawn battle map

Angelo's map of Dranesville.

Letter to Laroy 1

Letter from Angelo to his friend, Laroy.

Letter to Laroy 2

Letter from Angelo to his friend, Laroy Lyman.

Battle hardened Angelo 1863

Sgt. Crapsey at Camp Parole, battle-hardened, depressed and psychotic.

Angelos grave

Angelo's grave near Roulette, PA.

Wartorn 1861-2010

Executive produced by James Gandolfini, this film explores combat and post-traumatic stress from the Civil War to today.