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Before and After Photos

Concillia Muhau Before

Concilia before she started ARV treatment.

Concillia Muhau After

Concilia 90 days after treatment.

Constance Mudenda After

Constance has been on ARV treatment for 6 years. She is a peer education counselor for 3 clinics in Zambia. After losing her three children to AIDS in the 90's, Connie uses her experience to counsel and educate others on HIV/AIDS.

Bwalya Liteta After

Bwalya Liteta (April 17, 1998  August 14, 2010) (RED) is very sorry to announce that Bwalya Liteta who is featured in "The Lazarus Effect" passed away on August 14, 2010, 3 months after the premiere of the film. She had been battling complications from AIDS and ultimately died of heart failure.

The Lazarus Effect

AIDS medicine gives people the opportunity of a future where once there was no hope.