“Please open your heart and think about our future. Let’s unite together and create a clean green planet earth. We all need to live as if the future matters,” Holley, age 10.

This heartfelt, musical Earth Day special features children who are taking on our biggest environmental challenges, from endangered animals and pollution to a warming planet, showing how we can all protect the planet and everything on
it. Mixing science, music, and stories of wildlife in danger, the show explores issues ranging from fracking and water pollution to the benefits of local food and reducing our carbon footprints. Following kids who attended the People’s Climate March and other young people working for change around the world, the special is a call from kids to all of us to take better care of the earth.

SAVING MY TOMORROW: KIDS WHO LOVE THE EARTH also includes a segment about the historic cleanup of the Hudson River, which was spearheaded by the late, folk music legend, Pete Seeger. In addition to a song by Seeger, the show includes performances and readings by Audra McDonald, Jason Mraz, Karen O and They Might Be Giants.

Eight-year-old Kevin says, “I describe the earth as a thing that we cannot live without. It’s a perfect place, but now it’s getting less perfect.”

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SAVING MY TOMORROW: KIDS WHO LOVE THE EARTH is a co-presentation of HBO Documentary Films and the American Museum of Natural History; directed and produced by Amy Schatz; produced by Beth Aala; edited by Tom Patterson; supervising producer, Lisa Heller; executive producer, Sheila Nevins.