Triangle Shirtwaist Factory Fire Victims Identified at Last

Feb 23, 2011

Michael Hirsch, amateur genealogist and co-producer of the upcoming documentary, 'Triangle: Remembering the Fire,' has identified the six unknown victims of the tragedy that took place 100 years ago. Hirsch, who lives in the same neighborhood as one of the women who perished, cross-referenced newspaper articles of the time against census records, death certificates and records kept by unions and charities about relief payments distributed to the families of the dead to positively identify the missing six. "I'm passionate about the history of this neighborhood," says the East Village resident whose sleuthing revealed overlooked and misspelled names which helped him unravel the mystery. "From my window, I can see the stairs that Lizzie Adler had probably walked down to go to the factory the day of the fire."

The New York Times