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Becoming Warren Buffett

'Becoming Warren Buffett' Explores the Man Behind the Money

The Oracle of Omaha stopped by the New York premiere of Becoming Warren Buffett. Here’s what the eponymous subject and other distinguished guests shared about the film.

Becoming Warren Buffett gives audiences an unprecedented look at the personal life and financial choices that shaped financial tycoon. When asked what the film means to him, Buffett mentioned how happy he is his first wife Susie “got the credit that she deserves.” Buffett thinks it’s important for audiences to know how much both she and his father did for him: “They deserve a lot of credit. I was not much to work with!”

Director Peter Kunhardt wanted to communicate Buffett’s humility to the audience: “He is what he seems to be. He’s the most authentic, down-to-earth guy.” His son, producer George Kunhardt concurred: “Warren has a common decency that just embodies his whole person,” said Kunhardt. “We wanted to uncover the man behind the money, not just the story of his financial success.”

This mission extended to the Buffett family, including his daughter, Susie who worried “all people see is ‘the rich guy.’” Buffett’s son Peter was certain once people “see him, and how he works and how he thinks, it will be an eye-opener.”

Activist Gloria Steinem, who has gotten to know Buffett over the years, lauded the subject’s charitable contributions: “I’ve seen what a good impact he’s had for the world.” she said. “He and his wife Susie were great pioneers in funding reproductive freedom, and his son Peter and Peter’s wife Jennifer, through their foundation, funded the conversion of one of the worst women’s prisons in the country.”

Attested producer Teddy Kunhardt, “Not all billionaires are bad and every life has equal value.”

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