Dexter Pitts


Hometown: Radcliff, Kentucky
Age: 22
Date of Injury: 1/2/2005
Hospital: Walter Reed Army Medical Center
Unit: 10th Mountain (2nd Brigade, 214 Infantry), Alpha Co.
Date deployed to Iraq: June, 2004
Location of Injury: Baghdad - in Abu Ghraib district - on Route Huskies
List of Injuries: Shrapnel in his back with two scars, broken arm in three places, shattered elbow, injury to head, Post-Traumatic Stress Syndrome

Dexter has returned to college and wants to work in gang control or for ATF.

My Story
Since the show I have been going to school at ITT Tech majoring in criminal justice with new dreams of becoming a special agent in the DEA, ATF, or any of the other federal agencies. I am in the process of moving to Louisville to be closer to school. I attend PTSD group therapy every Thursday doing whatever I can do to help myself continue to get better. I am in the gym most of my free time trying to improve my health and to prepare myself for a career in federal law enforcement. And I have been spending time with my family and my girl friend. I also work part time at the VA as a work study.

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