Crystal Davis


Hometown: Camden, SC
Age: 23
Date of Injury: 1/21/2006
Hospital: Walter Reed Army Medical Center
Unit: 54th Engineers, Bravo Company
Date deployed to Iraq: Nov 1, 2005
Location of Injury: Ar Ramadi, suburbs of Iraq
List of Injuries: Right leg below knee amputee, left leg: every bone below knee including knee broken.

My Story
My daily routine: I live in the barracks on Fort Gordon. Monday-Wednesdays and Fridays I have PT (physical training not therapy) at 0600 till 0700. Come back to my room and shower change have formation at 0830. Tuesdays and Thursdays no PT, I have formation at 0800 and start the work day. The past week I was working in the physical therapy clinic getting hands on experience for what I want to change my job in the military to, which is physical therapist tech. This coming week I will be in fast class from 0900 to 1500. It's like high school classes to help me raise my score for when I take the ASVAB again. Usually I have EOB formation at 1600. I then go to my room rest a while hang out with friends watch movies go out to eat what ever the mood is set to.

My biggest challenge was to pass the PT test by standards. My requirements are Sit-ups: 43 in 2 min Push-ups 19 in 2 min and ride a stationary bike 6.2 miles in 25 min. I passed with flying colors. My results were: 98 sit ups, 50 push ups, and did the bike in 22:43. That was on March 13th.

My goal is to pass the MEB and continue with my career after changing it to physical therapist tech. The reason behind me wanting to change my job to that is all because, who better to help those in need than someone who has been there them self. Also it proves to them that they can still carry on with what ever they want in life. For me to be a Female BKA (Below Knee Amputee) and to still be active duty in the US Army will be plenty of motivation for them to strive to succeed.

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