played by Paula Malcomson

Character Bio

Al Swearengen's confidante and favorite whore, Trixie's decency makes her just a bit too good for the Gem. It is she who cares for Sofia Metz when the girl is still in shock from her family's massacre, and the girl brings her close to the society woman Alma Garret, despite the disparity of their positions. Still, when Alma offers to take her back East, away from the brutal life at The Gem, the improbability of the idea sends Trixie into an emotional spiral. She overdoses on opium on Doc Cochran's floor.

After her recovery, Trixie returns to the abusive Swearengen. Despite her attraction to Sol Star, she sees life at The Gem as her lot. "I don't want what I can't have," she tells Sol.

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