Calamity Jane

played by Robin Weigert

Character Bio

Born Martha Jane Cannary, Calamity Jane is nearly as famous as Hickok was and is known to be as tough as any man in the West. Raised in the mining camps of Wyoming, she is a legendary horsewoman and crack shot, and is rumored to have been an Army scout for Custer.

A notorious boozer and brawler - and one of the most foul-mouthed frontierspeople of either sex - Jane was loyal and absolutely dedicated to Wild Bill, and his murder sends her into a terrible bender. "The direction of this camp makes me f*cking sick," she says, leaving Deadwood. "And it bores the shit out of me."

Still, with acquaintances like Charlie Utter and the little girl Sofie Metz, Jane has as much connection to Deadwood as to any other place, and often drifts in and out of town. Her apparent immunity to small pox makes her extremely valuable as a nurse during the small pox outbreak.

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