Larry David Would Prefer Not to Be on Your Magazine Cover

Jul 20, 2011

This month's issue of Rolling Stone features a familiar frustrated face on its cover. Larry David, clutching a puppy in the shot, is the subject of a magazine profile, though he'd prefer not to be. "There's nothing that reflects me," he says. "I'm unreflectable." Rolling Stone begs to differ, however, and discusses with David a possible return to stand-up, the women who would date him—"And who's not shallow, by the way?"—and the 'Seinfeld' money, though he'd rather not talk about that either. In addition to the profile, there are interviews with Cheryl Hines, JB Smoove, Susie Essman and Richard Lewis, as well as an examination of how Larry David forever changed comedy. Just don't expect him to smile about it.

[Rolling Stone]

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