Season 5

50: The End


Blue Book Value
The blue book value of a car refers to its value in the latest edition of the Kelley Blue Book, a car appraisal publication, first published in 1929.

Bisby, Arizona
Though a sign identifies the Arizona town where Mr. and Mrs. Cone live as "Bisby," there is no such town. There is, however, a Bisbee, Arizona.

Larry asks Mr. Cone to spell his name and realizes his parents are gentile. (He must have assumed their name was spelled "C-O-H-N.")

"Nose, Toes, Watch and Wallet."
Mrs. Cone teaches Larry this rhyme to help him remember how to make the sign of the cross.

Ponce de Leon
Larry says he once wrote a screenplay about this Spanish conquistador, who was the first European to visit what is the present day United States when he landed on the Florida shore in 1513. Myth has it that de Leon came to Florida looking for the fountain of youth, but this is apocryphal.

Ben Hogan
One of the great golf players of all time, famous for his ball striking ability. Won 63 tournaments. Died in 1997.

Sacha Baron Cohen
Cohen, who plays one of Larry's guides in Heaven, is the star of HBO's "Ali G."

Bea Arthur
Arthur, who plays Larry's mother in this episode, starred in the TV series "Maude" from 1972-78 and in "The Golden Girls" from 1985-1992.

Susan Griffiths
If Griffiths gives a stunning impersonation of Marilyn Monroe in Larry's Heaven it comes as no surprise--she has impersonated Monroe for many television shows and films, including "Pulp Fiction."

Hansford Rowe
Veteran actor Rowe, who plays Mr. Cone, played Harold Mossback in episode 17 of "Six Feet Under." He also played Arthur Dupres in the 1983 TV mini-series "V."

June Squibb
Squibb plays Mrs. Cone and was Helen Schmidt in the 2002 film "About Schmidt." Her character's last words to Jack Nicholson's Warren Schmidt in that film were "Don't dilly-dally."

Bill Saluga
Saluga, who plays Louis Lewis, was seen often on television comedy shows of the 1970s and '80s. You may recall a bit he used to do on "The David Steinberg Show": "My name is Raymond J. Johnson, Jr. But you doesn't have to call me Johnson--you can call me Ray, or you can call me Jay..."

Robert Pine
The actor who appears as golfer Ben Hogan was a regular in the 1977-83 TV series "CHiPs."

Wallace Langham
Langham, whom Larry catches using a handicapped-only restroom, plays David Hodges on the TV series "CSI:Crime Scene Investigation."

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