Three Little Pigs
Larry tells Cheryl he is like the third pig, who builds his house of bricks.

Larry says he got rid of Sheriff, the dog seen earlier this season, because it was like "having a bum living in your home."

Big Bowl of Wrong
Heineman's decision to take the money Larry gave him to repair his car and give it to his daughter prompts Jeff to issue his trademark condemnation.

"It'll screw up the books."
Larry says he will deposit Marla's check because, if he doesn't, it might "screw up the books."

Daytime Sex
When Cheryl proposes daytime sex to Larry he rejoices that "you can do it and go on with your day as if nothing happened!"

"It's not a myth. Some Koreans eat dogs."
Despite being banned by South Korea just prior to the 1988 Olympics, dog meat is still popular among some Koreans. It is unclear whether the practice derives from tradition or if it began after the Korean War when meat was scarce. Some young male Koreans claim dog meat is an aphrodisiac; other Koreans say they eat it as a protest against the West. Animal humane societies have condemned the practice.

Bobby Lee
Lee, who plays Larry's Korean bookie, is a stand up comic who was a regular on "Mad TV" and had a memorable scene in "Harold and Kumar Go to White Castle."

Sky Flowers
Name of Sang's flower shop.

"How come you never got cash?"
Sang is angry that Larry never has the cash on him to pay off his gambling debts. Many comedic incidents have arisen due to Larry's lack of the proper amount or denomination of currency.

Staring/Truth Test
When Larry doubt's Sang's veracity concerning Oscar, he subjects him to one of his trademark staring/truth tests.

"I'm married. I can wear whatever I want."
Larry's defense of his choice to wear a large-brimmed hat to the beach wedding.

"One hell of a titty festival."
Jeff's description of the crowd at Mark and Marla's wedding.

Concerning her breast implants, Rachel says, "We thought they would be festive if they were appropriately sized."

Marinated meat dish popular in Korean cuisine.

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