US Magazine
Cousin Andy takes an issue of US magazine to read while in Larry's bathroom. Larry, worried about "contamination," throws it away only to find out later that Cheryl had written an important phone number on it.

Make a Wish Foundation
Charitable organization that attempts to "grant the wishes of children with life-threatening medical conditions." Wilson tells Larry that his wish is to see a naked woman. The foundation reports on their web site that as of last year, "the average cost of a wish was $6,600."

"Big Bowl of Wrong"
Jeff uses his pet phrase to describe Larry predicament with the smoking jacket.

Double Transgression Theory
Jeff's name for the practice of doing a second wrong deed after being caught doing a first wrong deed, with the hope that you'll probably just be punished once.

"Speak into the Rock"
When Larry stops before the gate to the Playboy Mansion, a voice over an intercom instructs him to "speak into the rock" where a microphone is installed.

Holly and Bridget
Larry meets two of Hefners girlfriends, Holly Madison and Bridget Marquardt. Holly ("Hef's No.1 squeeze"), Bridget and Kendra Wilkinson (another girlfriend, who appears later in the scene to escort him to the grotto) were featured on the E! reality television series "The Girls Next Door." All three appeared on the cover of the November 2005 issue of Playboy.

"Rozelli" smoking jacket
Both Hefner and Nat David claim their red velvet (with black trim) smoking jackets are one-of-a-kinds made in Italy by "Rozelli." It's unclear if this is a made-up name or not. What we do know: Rick Pallack, a Hollywood clothing designer, makes most of Hefner's clothes, including his famous silk pajamas.

Knock Off
A cheap imitation of a an expensive piece of clothing or handbag. Hefner says that Nat's smoking jacket is a Korean-made knock off of his genuine Rozelli.

The Playboy Mansion
Residence of Playboy magazine publisher Hugh Hefner, located in Holmby Hills, Los Angeles, California (10236 Charing Cross Road.) Built in 1927 and acquired by Playboy in 1971, it has 22 bedrooms, a large swimming pool and an artificial grotto, where playmates and celebrities often party together.

Bobbi Sue
The "playmate" that Andy dates is played by Bobbi Sue Luther, the host of The Learning Channel's "Mega Junkyard Wars." Though not a playmate, Luther was featured in the July 2005 issue of Playboy's "After Hours" section where she talked about her appearance on this episode. Luther has modeled for Maxim and many other magazines.

Nat uses this Yiddish expression, meaning a rag or something worthless, to describe the smoking jacket Larry says belongs to him.

Gary Player
South African-born professional golfer; ranks first in total professional wins (at least 166.) Won his first Masters in 1961. Coined a famous sports aphorism: "The harder you practice the luckier you get."

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