The humility of the bow
Larry is impressed by Japanese-American Yoshi's use of bowing at the sushi restaurant.

Kamikaze pilot
Japanese pilots who carried out suicide attacks on Allied ships late in the Pacific campaign of WWII.

One of the few things for which Larry has optimism, he says.

Blackberry Suicide
Yoshi sends Cheryl two suicide emails. She receives the second one on her Blackberry.

Calls out bingo numbers at the retirement home. Larry things she is getting kickbacks from other players.

"There's no pistachio-crunching in apologies," Yoshi complains, when Larry eats them as he tries to apologize over the phone.

Doctor versus Pharmacist
Larry weighs the authority of his father's Doctor's advice over the advice of a pharmacist.

Twinkie Defense
Larry compares Kevin's explanation of his father-in-law's Kamikaze status to the famous defense claim that Dan White killed San Francisco mayor George Moscone and supervisor Harvey Milk because his judgment had been impaired by eating too much junk food. The defense actually argued that he was impaired by depression and a doctor's testimony that the normally health-conscious White had changed his diet was cited by an outraged press when White was found not guilty. The term has become synonymous with criminal defenses that invoke bizarre external factors.

"Of course she wins a lot," Nat points out about his friend at the retirement home. "She's a winner!"

Japanese for "(live for) ten thousand years," used by Kamikaze pilots as a war cry when they rammed their planes into ships during WWII.

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