Omar Jones
Detective that Larry asks to investigate his suspicion that he might be an adopted son. Played by Mekhi Phifer, who has appeared in two HBO original movies: "A Lesson Before Dying," and "The Tuskegee Airmen."

LA Magazine
Los Angeles magazine, monthly founded in 1961. Larry tells Omar he learned about him because he was featured in an article in that publication.

When Larry stares at a man who parks in a handicapped parking spot who doesn't appear disabled in any way, the man angrily defends that he stutters. However, while stuttering is considered a disability by many, according to the California Vehicle Code (CVC 295.5), it does not qualify you for a disabled vehicle license plate!

Larry wonders if Omar is a Muslim because he is black and wears a bowtie. Black Muslims are a U.S. African-American religious movement which split off in 1976 into two groups: the American Muslim Mission and the Nation of Islam. Black Muslims ask their followers to dress conservatively. Leaders Elijah Muhammad and Louis Farrakhan wore bowties often (though Farrakhan wears a conventional tie in his most recent official portrait.) Malcolm X favored a black suit and conventional tie.

Jodi Funkhauser
Marty Funkhauser's lesbian daughter, played by Mayim Bialik, who played Blossom Russo on the 1991-95 TV series "Blossom." Mayim means "water" in Hebrew.

"We talk (amongst ourselves)"
Larry wonders how the lesbian community hears about his slight towards Jodi and how the black community hears about his "racist dog." Both times this is the answer cited.

"Friend O'Lesbians"
Larry says Jodi is very affectionate with him because he is a "friend o'lesbians."

Rosie O'Donnell
Larry agrees to go to the Funkhouser anniversary dinner because Marty claims Rosie O'Donnell will be seated at his table.

"We need to talk."
When Cheryl greets Larry with this phrase, he assumes it means she wants to get divorced.

"I'm not your link to the black world!"
Wanda's complaint when Larry asks her if all black men who wear bowties are Muslim.

Larry's guess when Sue informs him that the reason the lesbian community hates him involves something starting with "J" and ending in "I." She means Jodi.

Staring Contest
Once again, Larry tries to tell if someone is lying by engaging them in a staring contest--this time with Marty Funkhouser.

Larry advises Jodi's boyfriend Dan that men can never be as good at sex with a woman as a woman is, because it's their "equipment" a man has to deal with.

"This project demands I get back to my base."
How Larry describes his urgent need to use the bathroom back at his house, rather than use the public facilities.

"Back in the Lesbian bosom."
Jeff's description of Larry's reconciliation with the Lesbian community.

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