"Like a baby, drawn to the nipple."
How Larry characterizes his odd decision to go swimming on the day he almost drowns.

Divine Intervention
Susie thinks "divine intervention" saved Larry from drowning--it's a message that he should be more respectful to others.

The Larry David Sandwich
Sold in Leo's Delicatessen. Consists of whitefish, sable (another type of fish), onions, capers and cream cheese. Name changed later to the Richard Lewis Sandwich.

"Call me MISTER Tibbs!"
During sex with Cheryl, Larry blurts out this catchphrase from the 1970 Sidney Poiter film "They Call Me MISTER Tibbs," a sequel to "In the Heat of the Night."

pastrami/corned beef
Larry says he is not a "big fish guy" (though he'll consider Tuna fish); he's more of a "pastrami/corned beef kinda guy."

"Pretend little teacups"
Jeff's description of the tiny handles on the teacups at a party.

Owns an eponymous deli, has a very firm handshake, and was an adopted child. Played by Ed O'Ross, who was Nikolai on the series "Six Feet Under."

The Ted Danson Sandwich
Consists of turkey, cole slaw and Russian dressing.

During Rosh Hashanah (the first and second days of the seventh month of the Jewish calendar--usually falling in September), Jews go to Temple, where the Shofar (the rams horn) is blown to herald the beginning of the ten High Holy Days.

"Too many Jews to go around."
Larry's explanation of why he has to scalp tickets for Temple.

Rabbi Morley Feinstein
Rabbi of University Synagogue, in Los Angeles. Appears in the Temple sequence.

Johanna Seiderman
Larry's Nanny, living in a nursing home in Queens, and the only person other than his father who can tell him if he was really adopted. Played by Mary Gillis, who was Gerty in episode 56 of "Six Feet Under."

"The Yips"
A phrase (popularized by golf champion Tommy Armour) to describe involuntary motions of the hand or wrist that will compromise a golfer's ability to putt. Larry and Jeff observe that Dr. Sewell--a surgeon!--has a very bad case of the yips. Dr. Sewell is played by Kenneth Kimmons, who appeared as a crematory owner in episode 59 of "Six Feet Under."

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