Environmental group whose meeting Cheryl stays in LA to attend while Larry goes on to New York.

Obsessive Compulsive Disorder. When Cady Huffman tells Jeff that she suffers from OCD, he lies, telling her that Larry suffers from it too.

Admiral's Club
VIP lounge in airport terminal. David Schwimmer heads there after running into Larry and Cady.

Seat in the upright position
Larry suspects that David Schwimmer told the flight attendant that his seat wasn't in the full, upright position before takeoff. ("Did you allude to me?")

"I'm all over this."
Larry's assuring comment to the hotel doorman that he will be sure to tip him later.

The Regency
Hotel (540 Park Avenue) where Larry and Jeff stay while in New York. They go to the Library bar there for drinks.

"I only have big bills."
Larry's explanation for why he can't tip the bellman until later.

Tipping Etiquette
Normally you would tip the doorman $1 per bag for carrying bags to the door; $10 to the bellhop for bringing your bags to the room; $1 or more to a lobby attendant. And Larry is right--you shouldn't have to tip someone who fixes your air conditioning.

"As is your wont!"
When Jeff says he is being very witty (in the Library bar), Larry offers, "As is your wont!"

Fellatio Teacher
Christina (Cynthia Ettinger) says this is her occupation.

Rosa's Place
Mexican restaurant (303 W. 48th St.) in New York where Larry takes Christina. She claims that spicy food makes a man's semen taste better.

"I did not know that!"
After Christina makes the above claim, Larry imitates one of Johnny Carson's trademark comebacks.

Member's Only Jacket
Larry's cousin Richard (Richard Kind) wears a powder blue one.

Will Call
Richard is wary that Larry plans to leave his theatre ticket at the "will call" window.

Play Practice
What Richard calls rehearsal.

Open Houses in Westchester
Richard tries to get Larry to go with him to look at houses for sale in Westchester, just for fun.

"That's good karma for you!"
What hotel electrician Sanji says when Larry offers to give him a ticket to "The Producers" as a gratuity.

St. James Theatre
New York theatre (246 W 44th St.) where "The Producers" is playing. (Also the venue for the play in real life.)

"YOU... WILL... FAIL!"
An angry tourist puts a hex on Larry.

Susan Stroman
Stroman, who plays the play director, is the real-life director of "The Producers."

Max Glasses
Larry gets a pair of huge frames (like his dad wears) for the Max Bialystock character he plays in "The Producers."

The purse-snatcher chases after Larry
In episode 39, Larry tells Anna that he stays fit by "running away from hoodlums."

Nathan Lane
Lane, who appears as himself in a cameo in this episode, played Max Bialystock in the first production of "The Producers."

"Opening Night"
Musical number from "The Producers."

Jerry Seinfeld
Makes a cameo appearance as an audience member who winces when Larry forgets a line in the play.

Tush-y cheek
When Larry forgets his next line in the play, he improvs, asking Schwimmer to feel his well-shaven cheek: "It's like a tush--I got a tush-y cheek."

"By the Light of the Silvery Moon"
Song (by Edward Madden and Gus Edwards) that Mel Brooks and Anne Bancroft sing in the bar with the drunken patron.

"No way out..."
The intermission scene with Brooks and Bancroft alludes to the scene in the play in which Bialystock and Bloom realize their scheme has failed.

Cynthia Ettinger
Ettinger, who plays the "fellatio teacher," played Rita Sue in the HBO series "Carnivale."

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