Anna's husband, who works at Ultra-Clean with her. They have been married for 10 years and she calls him a "putz."

"I run away from hoodlums."
Larry's reply when Anna asks him how he keeps in shape.

Eyn Keloheynu
Hebrew song that Larry sings when entering his Rabbi's office. The Rabbi says Larry could become a cantor.

Eddie Silverman
The Rabbi's brother-in-law, killed on 9/11/01 in NYC, but not in the World Trade Center--he was hit by a bike messenger on West 57th St.

Abraham and Sara
The Rabbi uses the story of Abraham and Sara from the Book of Genesis to illustrate why Cheryl's 10th anniversary gift (letting Larry sleep with another woman) is acceptable. The infertile Sara let Abraham have sex with their Egyptian handmaiden, Hagar, so that they could have a child.

Extra-Bad Person
The Rabbi says that accepting his wife's 10th anniversary gift won't make Larry an "extra-bad person."

The Rabbi wants to bring his "Survivor" friend to Larry's party, so Larry asks Holocaust Survivor Solly to come to the party also.

"after death, through all eternity..."
Larry is upset by Cheryl's vow to continue their relationship after death.

"No, I'm a survivor!"
Solly refutes Colby's claim of being a "survivor." Colby was a participant in the "Survivor" TV show.

"Somebody get a sponge."
Larry is upset that Cheryl's mother says this instead of just getting a sponge herself.

Ultra Clean Van
The phone number on the dry cleaning van is the actual number of Ultra Clean Cleaners in Sherman Oaks, CA.

"Shlomo is at Schul."
Anna tells Larry that her husband is at temple (Schul).

Sheet with a hole in it
Jeff tells Larry to bring a sheet with a hole in it for his tryst with Anna because that is the way Hasidic people have sex. (But this is a myth, of course!)

Larry tells Cheryl's mom that he was "flummoxed" by the whole Survivor/Survivor argument.

"It's all God."
Larry's characterization of the blessing the Rabbi will give when he and Cheryl renew their vows.

"It's a go-home stain, but I didn't go home."
How Larry describes the wine stain he got on his suit on the way to the synogogue.

"Let's roll!"
Larry's ill-timed exclamation.

Colby Donaldson
Donaldson finished second place in the Australian Outback season of the "Survivor" TV show. He has also appeared in "Just Shoot Me" and in recent Schick commercials.

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