"Girls Gone Wild"
Videotape of girls flashing their breasts in public that Larry orders and has sent to his office.

Documentary about Hippos
TV show that Larry changes to when Cheryl walks in as he is watching "Girls Gone Wild."

Poison Ivy
Larry hires "Wandering Bear" to destroy the poison ivy in his backyard. Indians, he claims, are immune to it.

Larry's problem with condoms
Larry doesn't want to use condoms because he is embarassed to buy them and he is "no good with them."

"How do they get the essence of orange like that?"
What Larry asks Antoinette while he enjoys a mentos candy.

Antoinette has broken up with her long-time boyfriend Marvin (played by Joey Slotnick).

An unveiling
Larry asks Antoinette to cancel his lunch with Jason Small because his mother is having an unveiling. An unveiling is having a cast removed.

Get some cash, buy some freezone (for his corn), fill up his car with "good fresh breath stuff," and cancel lunch with Jason Small
List of things Larry gives Antoinette to do.

Everlast Condoms
Condoms with numbing agent that Jeff gives Larry.

"My web of lies and bullshit and deceit..."
Larry tell Jeff that he can't fire Antoinette because she knows too much about him, including his "web of lies..."

"Dear God, you're trapped!"
What Jeff says when he hears the above.

"Autofocus party"
When Jeff suggests going to his place to watch the "Girls Gone Wild" video, Larry jokes that they should have an "Autofocus party." This is a reference to the scene in the Paul Schrader film "Autofocus" in which Greg Kinnear and Willem Dafoe both masturbate to a video.

Blended bifocals
Larry complains that he can't get used to his new blended bifocal glasses.

"Kick me in the balls and spit on me."
What Larry says a woman would do if he asked her to flash her breasts.

"We're Prius drivers. We're a special breed."
Larry's explanation of why another Prius driver should have waved back at him.

"When Mantle was injured in '63."
Larry compares his improved sexual performance after a period of abstinence to Yankee Mickey Mantle's performance after an injury (he broke his right foot) kept him out for a few months in 1963.

"We got bigger problems than a numb vagina."
Jeff's comeback when Larry reports the result of his improper condom use.

"What goes around comes around."
Wandering Bear claims that this is an old Indian saying.

The Big Sleep
Book that Marvin is reading when Larry goes to see him.

"When the race begins, I'm at the finish line."
How Marvin describes his sexual problems with Antoinette.

Russell Means
Means (who plays Wandering Bear) was the first national director of the American Indian Movement and played a key role in the 1972 Wounded Knee standoff. He has also acted in the films "The Last of the Mohicans" and "Natural Born Killers."

Joey Slotnick
Slotnick (who plays Marvin) was a regular on the 1995 TV series "The Single Guy" and once formed a Chicago theatre company with his friend David Schwimmer.

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