"The Puffy Shirt"
Seinfeld episode (first aired 9/23/93, written by Larry David) that Larry and Cheryl are watching in bed at the beginning of this episode.

The Dusenberrys
Couple (Betty and Bernie) who employ a surrogate mother in order to have a child.

"What's the surrogate etiquette?"
Larry wonders if it is appropriate to give the mother a gift at the baby shower and not give one to the surrogate mother.

"Hey Charlie!"
What Larry calls Cheryl when she tries to get him interested in having sex.

"FYI, that kind of thing."
Larry complains to the doctor's receptionist that they need new magazines in the waiting room--"just for your information."

"Tom Cruise is 40!"
Sample headline that Larry quotes to illustrate how old the waiting room magazines are while he walks on the treadmill.

Attractive nurse who causes Larry's heart rate to increase while on the treadmill.

Heart Halter
Device that Larry's doctor requires him to wear for 24 hours.

"They could put the Chicago fire out with this!"
How Richard Lewis characterizes the size of a basketball forward's penis that he once caught a glimpse of when he went into the Knicks locker room.

"But he's a forward--you need to see a guard!"
How Larry disputes Richard's proof (see above) that African-American men have large penises.

Name of the toy store that Larry goes to buy a baby shower gift for the Dusenberrys. He buys a "bi-racial" doll.

"It's a mulatto!"
Larry's politically incorrect description of the "bi-racial" doll.

"Don't let 'em touch my baby."
Larry quotes Wanda's caveat regarding her script, much to the dismay of the surrogate.

"Still on the book?"
Mel Brooks is concerned that Larry still hasn't learned his lines for his part in "The Producers."

Mel Brooks parodies Victor McLaglen in a scene from the 1935 John Ford film, "The Informer," to explain his habit of rubbing his face when he sweats.

Richard Lewis and Larry run into former Charlotte Hornets guard Mugsy Bogues in the men's room of this restaurant.

"No race thing!"
Larry's defense when accused of checking his car alarm because he sees a black man walking towards it.

Toy Car
What Wanda calls Larry's car: "Black man don't want a toy car! Black man wants a car with some get up and go!"

Frank John Hughes
Hughes, who plays the angry driver in this episode, played Staff Sgt. William 'Wild Bill' Guarnere in the HBO mini-series "Band of Brothers."

Murray Rubin
Rubin, who plays the man who complains in the hospital elevator, also appeared in a memorable scene involving an elevator in the 1984 film "Ghostbusters."

Garcelle Beauvais-Nilon
Like Cheryl Hines, Beauvais-Nilon (who plays Renee) was once a member of the Los Angeles comedy troupe, The Groundlings.

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