Diner where Marty Funkhouser has lunch every Sunday.

Third Base, Field Level
Section where Marty's season ticket seats are located in Dodger Stadium.

"Wearing that old Seinfeld jacket?"
Larry's dad is amused that he is wearing an old Seinfeld jacket to jury duty, but Larry thinks it will help him get excused because he will be identified as a celebrity.

"Do I look like some kind of beatnik?"
What Larry's dad says when Larry recommends smoking marijuana to help his glaucoma.

"My cousin once stole an Almond Joy from me."
What Larry says when asked by Counselor Condon if he has ever been the victim of a serious crime.

"An ounce of some real hydroponic, scientific stuff."
What the drug dealer that Larry encounters offers to sell him. When Larry complains about the price, he offers to sell him some "schwag" for less.

"Hey Daddy, you want a date with Momma?"
How Monena, the hooker, propositions Larry.

"A little Lollipop love? Little diggin' for diamonds?"
How Monena asks Larry what sexual service he is interested in.

"I got a red snapper that talks to ya!"
How Monena describes her sexual expertise.

Henry Clay
Larry asks Monena if she has heard of Henry Clay (American statesman, 1777-1852), "the great compromiser."

"I'm gonna pull a titty out!"
Monena, upset that Larry might be embarassed to be seen with her, threatens to expose one of her breasts.

Monena offers to sell Larry some marijuana ("chronic").

"I thought we were 'cool-de-la.'"
Larry tries to ingratiate himself to Monena by "trying to be all hip."

"This chronic is the shiznick."
Monena teachs Larry's dad some "ebonics."

Yiddish Ebonics
Larry's dad thinks ebonics sounds like Yiddish.

Los Angeles Superior Court, Stanley Mosk Court
Where Larry reports for jury duty and later testifies on behalf of Marty Funkhouser.

Kym E. Whitley
Whitley (who plays Monena) has acted in the films "Along Came Polly," "Deliver Us From Eva," and "Nutty Professor II: The Klumps."

Ken Howard
Howard (who plays one of the interviewers from the Beverly Park Country Club) is a Tony award-winning actor and is best known for his TV series, "The White Shadow."

Jorge Garcia
Garcia (who plays the drug dealer) played the character "Hector Lopez" in the TV series "Becker."

James B. Sikking
Sikking (who plays one of the interviewers from the Beverly Park Country Club) is a veteran film and TV actor. He played Dr. James Hobart in "General Hospital" from 1973-76 and Dr. David Howser in the 1989 TV series "Doogie Howser, M.D."

Ed Steidele
Steidele (whose voice is used for the announcer at Dodger stadium) is a veteran foley artist. A foley artist creates incidental sound effects (such as walking over leaves) that are added in post-production.

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