How choreographer Steve characterizes Larry's much-improved dancing.

Brand of mixed nuts that David Schwimmer's (fictitious) dad owns.

"The whole cashew/raisin balance is askew!"
Larry is alarmed by how few cashews are included in Health-Glo's "cashew and raisins" mix.

"the tongue sign"
Dental Hygienist Delilah claims that Larry gave her the "tongue sign" during his recent visit, indicating that he was interested in her.

"Was he an avuncular, bald Jew?"
What Larry asks Delilah when she says he reminds her of his college history teacher.

"You're talkin' really gay."
How Jeff characterizes Larry's recent use of the word "fierce" and his expressive hand gestures: "You've become Steve the gay choreographer!"

"It's a matter of decorum."
Jeff is appalled by Larry's messy locker at the club.

"Good Hodgkins"
As in the previous episode, Larry insists that Leo Funkhouser suffered from "the good Hodgkins" disease. His explanation of "good Hodgkins": Charlie (Matthew Fox), the orphan son on the TV show "Party of Five," had "good Hodgkins."

"Give me three more cashews in here--I'll be a happy man."
Larry complains to David Schwimmer about the low number of cashews in Health-Glo's "cashew and raisins" mix. David claims the cashews are expensive and there has been a shortage of them for several years.

Staring Contest
When Norm claims that he had nothing to do with Larry getting kicked out of the club for having a dirty locker, Larry locks eyes with him for several moments, as if testing Norm's truthfulness by his eye movements.

Jeff Rosenthal
Jeff Garlin introduces this guy to Larry as a writer who worked on the TV show "Party of Five." While this is the actual name of the actor who plays this part, he was not a writer for that show.

Callaway Great Big Bertha II
The brand of woods (drivers) that Jeff Garlin owns.

"Every second Tuesday--a haircut..."
At the funeral for Leo Funkhouser, Dr. Funkhouser recites a litany of things that his uncle loved and he begins to cry when he mentions the man's bi-weekly haircuts.

"It's WASP, WASP, Republican-city."
How Susie Greene characterizes the membership of the Beverly Park Country Club, which has very few Jewish members.

"This Jew-face over here!"
Susie Greene says Larry would never pass the interview for the Beverly Park Country Club: "This one would stick out like a sore fucking thumb, this Jew-face over here!"

Lies Larry and Cheryl tell in their interview at the Beverly Park Country Club
They drive a "Hummer"; Larry's not concerned about global warming and went to school at New Haven; they met at a fundraiser for Ronald Reagan; Larry is new to Golf--Polo was his game but he had a recent accident involving his mallet; they like to sail and have a schooner at the marina and know Baxter Churchill there; Larry is a Moose and an Elk and belongs to the Rotary Club; he and Cheryl belong to the Council for Conservative Citizens, The National Right to Life Committee and the Heritage Foundation.

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