Dental hygienist (Maria Canals), works for Dr. Funkhouser (Saul Rubinek), and flirts with Larry.

Uncle Leo's Testimonial
Larry is invited to a testimonial for Marty Funkhouser's dad, Leo. Marty is Dr. Funkhouser's cousin.

"lose its elasticity"
Larry is concerned that if he rolls up the sleeve of his sweater so his dentist can give him an injection, the cuff will "lose its elasticity." Larry says that there are "very few subjects I'm an expert on, and one of them is elastic."

"The good Hodgkins"
When Dr. Funkhouser's receptionist (Alyson Lyon) tell Larry that the Doctor "is not himself lately" because his uncle has Hodgkins disease, Larry says, "but it's the good Hodgkins." Hodgkin's disease is a type of lymphoma, a cancer that can occur in the lymph system. There are two types of lymphoma: Hodgkin's disease and non-Hodgkin's lymphoma.

"I pee sitting down."
Larry says he pees sitting down because he doesn't have to turn the light on when he goes to the bathroom at night. Larry's father (Shelley Berman) and Jeff Greene are disgusted by this relevation.

Larry's dad Nat suffers from Glaucoma, an eye disease.

"Oh my God, that's in your mouth?"
What Cheryl exclaims in disgust after seeing the photo of Larry's teeth that Dr. Funkhouser has sent.

"I like talking through a translator."
What Larry tells Nina (Svetlana Efremova), who translates for Larry when he talks to her husband Toli (Boris Krutonog), a Funkhouser relative visiting from Russia.

"What's with the bare feet?"
Larry is offended that Toli attends the party at the Greenes' house with his shoes off.

What Larry yells when Toli (who is Russian) persists in trying to get Larry to let him try on his glasses.

"Enjoying the dog?"
What Susie Greene asks Larry after he adjusts his pants after petting Oscar the dog's head betwen his legs.

"Ever hear of 'Dentafriend'?"
Marty Funkhouser asks Larry if he's heard of this new "sonic toothbrush". He goes on to reveal that his cousin's (Dr. Funkhouser's) hygienist told him that Larry has too much plaque.

Bob Einstein
Einstein, who plays Marty Funkhouser, is best known for his TV character Super Dave Osborne. He also played "Officer Judy" on the Smothers Brothers Comedy Hour from 1967-1969. Einstein is the son of radio comedian Harry Parke (also known as "Parkyakarkus") and the brother of film director Albert Brooks (who changed his name from Albert Einstein!)

"A plaque contest"
Larry challenges Marty to a "plaque contest."

The weatherman's golf tip
Marty starts to give Larry a golf tip he learning from a TV weatherman (Gary Kroeger), but Sammi's scream interrupts them.

Larry's theory about the weatherman
"What if the weatherman predicts it's gonna rain just so he can keep people off the golf course and have it for himself?" Hmm...

"Hey Walter Brennan, the barn's on fire, the barn's on fire!"
The weatherman yells this at Larry as he walks away with a cane at the golf course. It's a reference to a famous line from Walter Brennan's 1957-63 TV series, "The Real McCoys": "Luke, the barn's on fire!"

"When you're peeing all over your shoe, I'm learning something!"
What Larry yells at Jeff after defending his practice of peeing sitting down. He reads while peeing and if he goes twenty times a day, he can "get through the whole New York Times."

Larry's problem with name tags
He's required to wear one at the Leo Funkhouser testimonial and worries that it will ruin his suede jacket.

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