"You're the most superficial man I've ever met, blind or sighted."
Larry tells blind piano player Michael this when he defends his need for an attractive woman.

"Yoga, Yoghurt..."
Larry wonders if "yo" is a prefix for healthy things. He then debunks his own theory when he adds "Yodel" and "what's his name, from the movie..." (He's undoubtedly thinking of Yoda from "The Empire Strikes Back.")

"I'm not going to drive you around like I'm your chauffer."
Ben Stiller is incensed when, after letting his wife out, Larry refuses to move up to the front seat.

"A grown-man baby!"
Ben Stiller calls Larry this and he says "Are you saying I'm a man-child?"

"Naturally a magician"
Larry argues with 14-year-old Stuart over whether someone can be a magician if they only know one trick. Stuart refuses to teach the trick to Larry because he is not a magician but Larry points out that Stuart wasn't a magician either when he learned the trick. Stuart claims that some people are just "naturally a magician."

Larry and Jeff use this Yiddish word (spelling may vary) after Jeff boasts of his continued zeal for masturbation. It is used to ward off the evil eye when paying someone a compliment or when you speak of what you want to happen--sort of like the expression "knock on wood."

"My bench is kind of thin."
When Larry is irate that Jeff thought of Cheryl while masturbating, Jeff argues that he can't just "pop her out" because his "bench is kind of thin" (his repertory of sexual fantasy objects is limited). "Bench is kind of thin" is baseball slang for a small roster of players.

"Get the kid?"
Mel Brooks' receptionist is incensed when Jeff refers to her adoption of a child by saying "Wait 'til you get the kid."

Soft Toilet Paper
Larry's only complaint to Mel Brooks about rehearsals is that the toilet paper in the rehearsal hall is not very soft.

"Larry David Schwimmer"
Mel observes that if David Schwimmer replaces Ben Stiller in the play, they'd save room on the marquee: "Larry David Schwimmer."

What Haboos asks Larry David when he emerges from her bathroom.

" the dog digs up a bra!"
When they enter Canter's Deli, Larry has just finished telling a funny story to Haboos, apparently about the dog in episode 27, "The Corpse-Sniffing Dog."

Tunafish Salad
The type of sandwich Larry eats in Canter's deli (and drops some of on Haboos' berka).

"An Arab, a Jew and an Asian fellow walk into a bar..."
Larry's setup to a joke prompts laughter from the car washers, even before they hear the joke.

"You have leveled the playing field."
What blind piano player Michael says when Larry points out that no one knows what Haboos looks like.

"She's quite a Muslim."
How Larry describes Haboos to Michael.

Stuart wears a Superman costume to the Halloween party. The comic book hero was referenced many times on "Seinfeld."

5 of Diamonds, 10 of Clubs
The cards Larry chooses from Stuart's deck of cards the two times he performs it for him. Donald picks the 2 of Spades.

Jeannie from "I Dream of Jeannie", Andie Devine, Dominatrix garb complete with whip
What Cheryl, Jeff and Susie respectively wear for the Halloween party. Andie Devine was a character actor, best known for the movie "Stagecoach" and as Jingles, the sidekick of Guy Madison in the 1951-58 western television series, "Adventures of Wild Bill Hickok." (Larry makes Cheryl change into Haboos' berka.)

"He's a bald brother."
Friedlander, who plays Donald, one of the mentally-challenged car washers (the one with a trucker hat), was the guy who hugged everyone in the Dave Matthews music video "Everyday." He has also appeared in "American Splendor" and "Zoolander."

Anton Yelchin
14-year-old Yelchin (who plays Cheryl's visiting cousin, Stuart) immigrated to the U.S. when he was six years old with his parents, both of whom are involved in professional figure skating.

Card Trick
Larry is mad that Stuart won't reveal the secret to his card trick, but mentally-challenged Donald (Judah Friedlander) recognizes right away that Stuart is creasing the chosen card (a 2 of Spades).

The "charity car wash" that Larry pulls into with Cheryl's car, is located on Beverly Blvd. between N. Genesee and N. Ogden. An entrance to CBS Television City (7800 Beverly Blvd.) can be seen on the other side of the street. The mentally-challenged car washers say the charity they are representing is "the Langley Center."

Canter's Deli
Larry takes Haboos to have lunch with him at this famous Los Angeles deli (419 N. Fairfax Ave).

Corner of Montana Ave. and another Street
Where Jeff, Susie, Larry and Cheryl wait for a light to change and Larry gets pelted accidentally by an egg thrown at Haboos by a racist in the car next to them.

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