"No gifts"
Ben Stiller advises Larry to bring no gifts to his birthday party, but Larry later learns that a gift is expected all the same.

"Fake Niece Kim"
The daughter of Richard Lewis' New York friend Kenny has called him "uncle" since birth.

"A Breast Intervention"
Richard Lewis asks Larry to help him talk his "Fake Niece Kim" out of her decision to get breast implants.

"For the First Time in Over a Quarter of a Century..."
"For the first time in over a quarter of a century," Richard Lewis tells Larry, "tell me something that's really buggin' you."

"A half get up"
Larry observes that he only did a "half get up" upon meeting Fake Niece Kim, and Richard says that a "full get up" was probably warranted.

Blind rehearsal pianist Michael introduces his girlfriend Rhonda as a model.

Chicken on Skewers
Larry has a problem finding a place to dispose of the skewers after eating the chicken. Larry also says, "I'm not a kebob guy." (In the third season's first episode, Larry said he was against having "kebobs" being served in the restaurant he was investing in.)

"Klan Meeting"
Larry says he can't make it to Michael's show tune set at the Mint because he has to go a "Klan meeting."

"Good Hearing"
What Larry claims is one advantage of being blind.

"Mr. Hushpuppy-rumpled-suit-look"
How Susie describes the way Larry dresses.

Cut-Off Point for Late Celebrations of Birthdays
Larry thinks they should be celebrated no later than three days after the actual birthday, unlike Ben, who is celebrating his two weeks later.

Stage Left
Larry is unfamiliar with this basic theatrical term. And Ben is upset that Larry is still not "off book" (i.e., hasn't learned his lines yet.)

Larry gives Ben an "Indiana" studded-shirt (purchased from Susie) and then Ben gives it to Michael.

Rehearsal Tempo
When the dance instructor chides Larry for continuing to dance at a slow, rehearsal tempo, Larry complains that "you'd have to be [comic superhero] Flash to dance like that."

"An hour. In and Out. Boobs. Genius!"
How Fake Niece Kim describes her breast implant operation.

Larry calls a mouse seen in his house a "titmouse", adding fuel to Cheryl's argument that he is obsessed with "tits."

Playing Telephone
Larry participates in this children's game in which a phrase is whispered from one person to another around a circle of players. Larry is accused of taking the sentence "I love pigs" and changing it to "I love tits."

"The G-rated Version"
When Larry questions Cheryl's familiarity with the game "Telephone," she counters by saying that she plays "the G-rated version." ("Susie lives down the lane," being a sample starting phrase.)

"I need to be with a good-looking woman."
Why blind piano player Michael says he broke up with Rhonda, who lied about being a model.

"It's Gypsy"
Larry refers to the final song in Michael's set at the Mint ("Everything's Coming Up Roses") by the Broadyway show ("Gypsy") it appeared in.

Larry claims that he needs to buy one of the studded sweat shirts Susie is making because he needs "flair."

Patrick Bristow
Bristow, who plays choreographer Steve, also played a choreographer in the 1995 film "Showgirls."

Patrick Kerr
The actor who plays blind piano player Michael appeared as a clerk in the "The Bottle Deposit" episode in the seventh season of "Seinfeld."

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