"Why do you want to be a David?"
Larry doesn't understand why Cheryl wants to be a David: "Even Davids want to get out of being a David!"

"How do you get rid of a bowling ball?"
Larry ponders that if you throw it away the Sanitation worker will assume you through it away mistakenly.

"It's like a third thing to do at night"
While trying to pick up a girl at the Karoake bar, Larry says that Karoake is "like a third thing to do at night," the other two being bowling and going to the movies.

"Karaoke Bleu"
The name of the Karaoke club where Larry sings.

"You got yourself a partner."
Larry is amused that Mel Brooks' assistant speaks of having a "partner." "I got a wife," Larry says, "Not exactly a partner, more like a rival."

"Gonna be the least of his problems"
Larry insults Mel Brooks' lesbian assistant when he opines that a funny name will be the least of her adopted son's problems.

"There's definitely a prick involved."
When the doctor remarks that a prick of pain will be involved when putting stitches in Larry's head wound, Larry comes back with this sly insult.

"And you my fat friend will be the first to know!"
How Larry promises to tell Jeff when he decides which woman he will decide to sleep with.

"Or you got it or you ain't"
How Andreas Voutsinas described talent to Mel Brooks during the filming of the 1968 movie version of "The Producers."

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