About the Show

The Boring Life of Jacqueline follows the day-to-day adventures of Jacqueline (Jaclyn Jonet), an unemployed, 20-something actress living alone in a modest New York apartment. With few legitimate acting prospects on the horizon, Jacqueline spends most of her time eating, tweeting, daydreaming, talking to her mom on the phone, and leaving messages to her only friend named Sophie (who never calls back). She becomes obsessed with her building's new maintenance guy, Abraham (Abraham Amkpa), though he seems unmoved by her increasingly blatant overtures. At an audition for a (very) independent film, she meets a fellow actress named Suzanne (Gaby Hoffman), a manipulative malcontent who ends up mooching her way onto Jacqueline's couch and, eventually, into her wallet. Written & directed by Sebastian Silva (The Maid) and executive produced by Silva, Mike White (HBO's Enlightened), David Bernad and Scott Zimmerman, The Boring Life of Jacqueline is an understated, intimate and frequently funny comedy that utilizes the cinema vérité conceit to paint a portrait of an underachieving NYC "artist."