HBO PPV - September 18, 2010

Shane Mosley vs Sergio Mora

Bert Sugar's Pre-fight Analysis

Every Pay-Per-View, Bert Sugar offers his analysis and insights. Sugar is one of the most well-known boxing writers in history. The former editor of Ring magazine and Boxing Illustrated, Sugar's latest book is My View From The Corner, written by Angelo Dundee.

Steve Small contributed to this article.


Shane Mosley

- Has blinding speed of hand, much faster than Mora.

- Possesses a great right hand, one that staggered Mayweather and knocked out Margarito and Mayorga.

- Mosley knows how to pace himself-won the last round in both fights with De La Hoya and knocked out Mayorga in closing seconds of their bout.

Sergio Mora

- Mora is taller and bigger than Shane, is ten years younger than Shane-29 years of age as opposed to Shane's 39-which may be a factor late in the fight, Shane having looked "old" in the closing rounds of his last fight, against Floyd Mayweather Jr.

- Mora possesses a good loooooooong jab and can control the fight from the outside.

- Although both are from the Los Angeles area-Mora from East L.A. and Shane from Pomona-Mora has a "home cookin'" advantage, his far more vocal fans coming out to support him and to celebrate Mexico's 200th anniversary of their independence.



- Shane has a tendency to fight with his chin up and his body leaning backwards, making him vulnerable to left hooks and uppercuts.

- At a distinct disadvantage in height and reach to the rangier Mora.

- Throws his right hand in a looping manner, allowing Mora to come inside after blocking it.

- At 39 years of age who knows when the sand will begin to pour through his hourglass.


- Mora has a tendency to make fights harder than he has to, staying in close and slugging it out with opponents instead of staying at long range and using his jab.

- Even at long range, Mora does not make use of his jab, his primary weapon.

- In his last fight against Calvin Green, Mora fought in a style reminiscent of Floyd Mayweather Jr., crossing his hands across his body and moving his head to set up counters. However, Mora is hardily as fast as Mayweather and was susceptible to Greens' looping right hands, which were only half as fast as Shane's.

- With the exception of his two fights against Vernon Forrest, the quality of Mora's opponents is nowhere near that on Shane's resume, dotted as it is with more "Who's He's?" than "Who's Who's."

What They Have To Do To Win


- Shane must use his jab to control the tempo of the fight.

- Sugar Shane should try to fight Mora on the inside, negating Mora's height and reach advantage.

- Mosley should throw three- and four-punch combinations to "outquick" the slower Mora.

- Shane must be wary of wearing down in the late-going as he did against Mayweather, but pace himself.


- Mora cannot afford to get into a slugfest with the quicker, harder-hitting Mosley, which would work to his disadvantage.

- More must fight tall and stay back and box instead of getting in close.

- Mora must use his jab more, both to offset Mosley's attack and to set up his right hand.

- And Mora cannot attempt his hands-held-low imitation of Floyd Mayweather Jr. he employed in his last fight against Calvin Green, a strategy that would open him up to Shane's right hands, but must keep his hands held high.

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