Bert Sugar Pre-fight Analysis

Jul 28, 2010

Strengths Of Both Fighters

Juan Manuel Marquez

- Marquez is an exceptional counter puncher who likes to step back when his opponent throws a punch to make him overreach, then step forward with a right-hand counter before his opponent can regain his balance.

- An excellent combination puncher, Marquez is a busy fighter, throwing punches in bunches.

- Has both "heart" and a sturdy chin, comes back and has never been stopped.

- A strong aggressive fighter, Marquez is constantly on the attack.

Juan Diaz

- The "Baby Bull" is a high-octane fighter, constantly moving forward.

- His high volume of punches puts pressure on opponents, forcing them to go on the defensive.

- Fights at the same pace for the entire fight, from git-go to final bell, dominating opponents.

- Is ten years younger than Marquez.

Weaknesses Of Both Fighters


- Slow starter, as witnessed by his being dominated by Diaz in first fight in early rounds and being dropped three times by Pacquiao in the first round in their first fight.

- Marquez hold hands up high to pick off punches, leaving himself vulnerable to body punches.

- Doesn't move head well and is susceptible to straight punchers thrown down the middle.

- Hasn't fought since loss to Mayweather 10 months ago and is two months shy of his 37th birthday.


- Although Diaz looks like a big puncher he isn't, having only 17 KO's in 38 fights.

- Diaz has a tendency to keep his hands far apart and ducks into uppercuts, which proved his undoing in his first fight against Marquez.

- Diaz fights the same way as Marquez, walking in and throwing punches--only trouble is Marquez does it better.

- Diaz stands straight up, right in path of Marquez's incoming punches.

What They Must Do To Win


- In his first fight with Diaz, Marquez backed straight into the ropes.  He has to slide back, use jab and circle Diaz.

- Marquez must control pace better, throwing jab and staying long and away from Diaz, not inside, especially in early rounds.

- Marquez needs to move head more, staying low and coming in, under Diaz's punches.


- In their first fight Diaz held his hands too far apart allowing Marquez to connect time and again with both left-and right-hand uppercuts.  He must tighten up his gloves as well as not duck straight down into Marquez's uppercuts--Marquez knocking down Diaz with a left-hand uppercut and then knocking him out with a right-hand uppercut in their first fight.

- Diaz must go to the body more to wear down his older opponent, keeping up his high-energy attack into the latter rounds.

- Diaz must either stay closer or move further back when attacking.  He stayed right in the line of fire in the first fight with Marquez.  In this fight he should crowd into Marquez's chest and take away Marquez's counters.

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