HBO BAD - Nov. 17, 2007

Joan Guzman vs Humberto Soto

Mares vs Marchiano

Mares, Guzman, Remain Undefeated

Tonight's BAD event showcased two undefeated fighters maintaining their perfect records against tough, persistent challengers, both eager for upsets, both unsuccessful in their attempts. With both events going the distance, it was a long and powerful night of boxing in Atlantic City.

In the main event, Joan Guzman out-boxed opponent Humberto Soto to a clear victory of 117-11, 117-111 and 118-110. The quick and talented Guzman managed to avoid any of the power that Soto could have leveraged against the Dominican fighter, showing significant advantages in speed, movement and defense, managing to fight well against the ropes as well as in the center of the ring. Guzman, under the recent tutelage of Floyd Mayweather Sr., applied a stylish flair reminiscent of Mayweather Jr., ducking and dodging many of Soto's attacks and countering with powerful accuracy -- if the fight had not been played out along the ringside, may have not have been a decision victory.

In the opening match, another fight that may not have gone the distance if it weren't for the tenacity and heart of Damian Marchiano, bantamweight champ Abner Mares scored a wholly one-sided victory after twelve rounds. While Marchiano should be credited for holding his ground and tracking down Mares, it was Mares who was the ring general, easily winning the fight walking backwards, landing nearly double the punches as Marchiano. The scores of that match were 118-109, 118-109 and 117-109, for a unanimous decision for Mares.

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