HBO WCB - Sept. 29, 2007

Jermain Taylor vs Kelly Pavlik

Berto vs Estrada

Bert Sugar's Fight Break Down

For some, the win was an expectation, for others, an impossibility. Everyone knew that Taylor vs. Pavlik was not to be missed, but only few predicted that it would end in a stunning knockout by a underdog challenger. In a fight that was going Taylor's way for the majority, and with a knockdown for Pavlik already against him, Pavlik shocked the crowd and Taylor by cornering the champ and flooring him 2:14 into the seventh. Here's Bert Sugar's take on the fight:

With a near capacity crowd at Boardwalk Hall in Atlantic City, most of whom are here for Kelly Pavlik, a rousing semi final between Andre Berto and David Estrada gave them more than an appetizer for the action they hope to see in the Taylor vs. Pavlik fight for the middleweight title.

Round One

Jermain Taylor came out from the get go throwing punches, many were missing he was trying for a quick knock out. Pavlik stood his ground, took several but stood his ground. Pavlik landed several right hands to Taylor, most of which were on the inside, but many which landed.

10-9 Taylor

Round Two

Going into the second round, Taylor caught Kelly with a right hand, stunning him, following up with a flurry of punches, all of which caught him, driving him to the c canvas. Pavlik got up on unsteady legs, and was met with Taylor's second flurry of punches, nearly driving him down. In the end, Taylor unable to p;ull him self away from Pavlik's clinching inside.

Taylor 10-7

Round Three

Coming back from seeming defeat in the 2nd, Pavlik parried the action to Taylor, pinning him on the ropes landing punch after punch. Though taylor managed to landing a couple good punches it was all Pavlik, particularly on the inside.

Pavlik 10-9

Round Four

In a round that started as a jabbing contest, Taylor--more in control of his punches than in the first two rounds, when he mounted a frenzied attack--landing several telling blows, though twice Pavlik twice backed him into a corner, where he does not want to be and let them fly...

Taylor 10-9

Round Five

Double pumping his jab, the faster-handed Taylor carried most of the round, although Pavlik himself landed several good jab. the best punch was landed seconds after the bell by taylor, a overhand right.

Taylor 10-9

Round Six

Although Pavlik was closing the real estate, it was still the faster hands of taylor that were doing most of the work and post of the punches, mostly jabs. Caught on the ropes twice, he rallied off the ropes with the harder punches.

Taylor 10-9

Round Seven

Pavlik began working his left jab and follow it with his right hand in the beginning of the 6th, forcing taylor backwards. A right hand uppercut caught him near Pavlik's corner. Jermain Taylor was unconscious before he hit the ground. Steve Smooger called the fight without bothering to give Taylor a count. The Ghost had risen. There is a new middle weight champion - Kelly Pavlik.

Pavlik KO 2:14

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