HBO WCB - Feb. 17, 2007

Paulie Malignaggi vs Edner Cherry

Powell vs Smith
Berto vs Bravo

Berto, Powell and Malignaggi Score Wins

Feb 17, 2007

In the main event of the second Boxing After Dark fight for 2007, crowd favorite Paulie Malignaggi returning after a devastating loss to Miguel Cotto last June showed his trademark flair for in--and out of--ring styling.

Sporting dyed blue hair and wearing ribboned shorts, Malignaggi danced and jabbed his way past slower and less skilled Edner Cherry who, barring a few solid shots and a last minute attempt to score in the final round, was unable to keep up with Malignaggi's hand speed. While Malignaggi did not clinch the match via knockout as many of the hometown fans in the audience hoped, he did score an unanimous decision against Cherry, receiving 100-90 and two 98-92 scores on the card.

The two opening matches featured Brooklyn's Sechew Powell and Florida's Andre Berto, both whom were appearing for the second time on HBO and both securing wins in tonight's event. Powell, fighting Ishe Smith, struggled against Smith's unorthodox stance. Smith also used twisting movements in attempt to dodge Powell's attacks and the combination caused him to telegraph many punches and leave his back exposed to Powell, who won a close, yet still unanimous decision. Smith scored one knockdown in the fourth round when he caught Powell off balance, but lost 97-92 n all three cards.

Andre Berto continued his climb toward a strong welterweight challenge against Norberto Bravo after a cancellation by his previous opponent, Ben Tackie. Berto made quick work of Bravo, who was completely unable to gain any momentum against the incredible confident and strong Berto. The fight was called at 2:28 into the first round after Berto placed Bravo on the mat three times.

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