HBO WCB - Feb. 10, 2007

Shane Mosley vs Luis Collazo

Harris vs Lazcano

Clear Victories For Harris And Mosley

Feb 10, 2007

Both Shane Mosley and Vivian Harris showed boxing fans tonight why they are both former (and one now current) champions. Both fighters made clean and interesting if not quick work of their opponents this evening and each scored unanimous decisions. Far from a cakewalk for either fighter, however, as Juan Lazcano and Luis Collazo both came to the ring tonight with their own intentions to win.

In the opening bout, Vivian Harris showed a calm and collected style, controlling the center of the ring and outworking Lazcano over the twelve rounds. Harris's aggressive style worked well against a hesitant Lazcano, who was staggered in the second round and nearly floored, but who managed to work out the kinks in his program by working inside against Harris. Delivering solid rights and infiltrating Harris's defensive jabs at many points throughout the fight, Lazcano brought a lot of heart to the event. Ultimately it was the jab that proved to be most effective for Harris, bringing with it Harris's chance at a title fight sometime in the future.

In fact, this evening's match ups could be defined by that word: jab. It all came down to effective jabbing. For all of the sometimes wild and unpredictable style that Mosley displays at times, once he settles down into his routine during a fight, Sugar's jab is quick and effective.

"The southpaw style affected me a little, but I knew what to do. I knew I was faster than him and I could hit him with my quick jabs," Mosley said. Mosley, who showed that he could still bring fighters to the mat against Fernando Vergas last July, again was able to bring another opponent down, this time scoring a quick knockdown in the eleventh round when Mosley connected with a strong right while Collazo was off balance.

"Shane came to fight tonight," Luis Collazo said, after the fight was called as a unanimous decision. "He did his job."

For his part, Collazo proved an apt and strong fighter whose major drawback was his inability to follow through with many of his attacks and instead waiting to square off with a faster and more intuitive fighter. Collazo won several rounds early in the fight and connected with punctuating power enough to shake Mosley into action later in the fight.

"Collazo was slick and he takes a pretty good punch. He fought a good fight, and I know he'll be back," Mosley said. One thing is definitely apparent. Mosley will be back and perhaps sooner than later, as the fighter claimed the interim welterweight belt tonight, which was vacated by a certain Floyd Mayweather. Should Mayweather return to the division, the two would be the mandatory bout.

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