HBO WCB - Jan. 20, 2007

Ricky Hatton vs. Juan Urango

Castillo vs Ngoujdo

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Jan 20, 2007

Prior to his win over Juan Urango Saturday night, Ricky Hatton told the media he had fulfilled a life-long dream by seeing his names in lights on the Vegas strip. He had dropped back down to 140lbs following a near disasterous 12th round encounter in his last fight, at welterweight, vs. Luis Collazo. Some 2,700 adoring Brits had made their way across the pond to cheer for their hero. He was where he wanted to be.

Hatton started fast vs. the slow-footed southpaw Urango, averaging 71 punches thrown per round over the first five rounds. He was boxing beautifully, landing combinations, then moving out of harms way. During that fifth round, Urango, a natural right hander, began landing right hands to the body of Hatton. The defending champ outlanded Hatton 23-13 in power shots in that round, the only round he won on two of the judges scorecards. A third judge scored all 12 frames for Hatton. Urango also threw 52 punches in the fifth, which turned out to be his high total for the fight. He had Hatton on the retreat for most of the round. What happened to the right hand to the body the rest of the fight?

Urango followed that productive fifth by throwing just 33 power punches in the sixth, 37 in the seventh, 30 in the eighth, 38 in the ninth, 35 in the tenth, 36 in the eleventh and 37 in the twelfth. He raised his hands in triumph after each of those rounds. He probably was the only person in the building who felt he was winning rounds.

As for Hatton, he turned into a mini John Ruiz after getting tattooed to the body in the fifth. He averaged just 57 punches thrown per round over the last seven rounds. Enough to win rounds from the delusional Urango, but not in impressive style as he cluched and grabbed the accommodating Urango after each combination.

Surely the excessive weight loss drained Hatton (between fights he walks around at 170-180 lbs, claiming he suffers from a leg disease that prevents him from walking past fast food outlets.) and maybe the fact of the matter is we may have seen the best of Hatton, who's been fighting his face-first style (at least prior to Urango) for 9 1/2 years, racking up 42 straight wins in the process.

Overall, Hatton landed 258 of 755 total punches (34%) to 153 of 570 (27%) for Urango.

Hatton's win sets up a June showdown with former two-time lightweight champ Jose Luis Castillo, who narrowly escaped Vegas with a split decision win over unknown Canadian, by way of Cameroon, Herman Ngoudjo.

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