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Freelance Whales

Song Title: Kilojoules

Jonathan and Stella shoot hoops at Jonathan's apartment.

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The Jimmy Castor Bunch

Song Title: It's Just Begun

Jonathan, George and Ray train for their boxing matches.

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Ursula 1000

Song Title: Got Cha

Jonathan, George and Ray speedwalk on the Brooklyn waterfront.

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Raphael Saadiq

Song Title: Love That Girl

George greets Priscilla at his apartment.

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Glass Ghost

Song Title: Like A Diamond

Jonathan and Stella test drive the vaporizer.

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Christina Courtin

Song Title: Hedonistic Paradise

George and Priscilla enjoy the afterglow in bed.

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Law of the Least Effort

Song Title: Lobby Call

First match: Ray gets in the ring.

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LCD Soundsystem

Song Title: Freakout

Second match: Jonathan gets in the ring.

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Song Title: Lost Parade

Stella embraces Jonathan after his win.

Arling and Cameron

Song Title: Dirty Robot

Third match: George boxes Antrem.

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08: Take a Dive

Season 1

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