Season 4

41: Erlkonig


Vince Giordano and the Nighthawks: What'll I Do

An anxious Gillian is trying to reach Roy. She shoots up the last of her heroin.

Nathan Glantz: June Night

Frank & Van Alden push through the headbreakers to meet with Al, who tells them to "Help voters make up their minds."

Original Memphis Five: How Come You Do Me Like You Do

Gillian buys heroin from Purnsley

Clarence Williams' Blue Five: Old Fashioned Love

Gillian buys heroin from Purnsley

Harry Raderman's Jazz Orchestra: Home Again Blues

Nucky asks that Willie stifle his rage and use it to his advantage. Clayton interrupts.

Jose Rocabruna: Romance

Eddie writes a letter, matches Nucky's socks, and jumps out the window.

Pablo Casals: Songs My Mother Taught Me

End Credits

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