Bennie Krueger and His Orchestra: How Many Times

Bert & Archie inquire about distance to Columbus, Ohio

Peter Yarin: Mule Walk

Dickie auditions two performers for Chalky. Purnsley intrigued by Dickie's wife, Alma. Nucky readies himself, then goes into Masseria meeting.

Peter Yarin: Hard Hearted Harlan

Masseria meeting

Peter Yarin: Everybody Loves My Baby

Rothstein leaves Nucky alone after Masseria meeting

Herb Wiedoeft's Cinderella Roof Orchestra: Everything's Hotsy Totsy Now

Capone unloads his girls from the truck and ushers them inside

Lopez & Hamilton's Kings of Harmony: Bluein' the Blues

Torrio shows Capone a newspaper article with his name misspelled

Edison Venetian Trio: Her Bright Smile Haunts Me Still

Gillian meets a prospective buyer, just selling herself

Ben Rosenfield: Fight Temple Fight

Thompson family dinner

Lena Wilson: Triflin Blues

Purnsley and Alma have slipped off for an adulterous affair

Venetian Instrumental Trio: Memories of Home

Gillian snorts a bump of heroin. She flirts with a prospective buyer for real this time.

Vince Giordano and the Nighthawks: Everybody Loves My Baby

Nucky & Pauline enjoy the show

Louis Armstrong & Maggie Jones: Good Time Flat Blues (aka Farewell to Storyville)

Agent Knox shoots Elmer, leaves Sawicki to die

Isham Jones: I'll See You in My Dreams

Nucky gives Pauline the slip after sex

Matt Keefe: Roll On Silvery Moon

End Credits - Harrow comes home to his sister

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