Rita Villa: Czardas

Whitlock tells Gillian she must pronounce Jimmy dead in order to gain ownership of Jimmy's estate.

Vince Giordano and the Nighthawks: Mama Loves Papa, Papa Loves Mama

Nucky tries to convince Eddie Cantor to be the lead in Billie's show

Carousel Band Organ: Ma! He's Making Eyes at Me

Margaret hands out flyers, runs into Nucky & Billie at the Belle Femme

Carousel Band Organ: The West The Nest and You

Margaret runs into Nucky & Billie at the Belle Femme

Stephen DeRosa: Oh Gee Oh Gosh Oh Golly, I'm in Love

Chalky & Purnsley strong-arm Eddie Cantor into doing the show

Grace Paradise: Sonatina II

Gillian instructs the girls to rustle up some work from the front porch, then writes a letter to her dead son

Peter Jarvis: Surveying Carnage

Gyp surveys the carnage

Peter Yarin: You'd Be Surprised

Billie wants to know what Nucky said to get the show back on

Eddie Cantor: He Loves It

End Credits

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