Kathy Bier & Vince Giordano & The Nighthawks: There'll Be Some Changes Made

Young Boy runs through Atlantic City, picks up coffee to delivery to Nucky, et al.

The Morrie Morrison Orchestra: The Voyage Of Nancy Lee

Margaret gives staff instructions and heads to a meeting.

OC: Sonata In C Minor - Andante Espressivo

A dozen beautiful young ladies, Gillian introduces Evelyn to the ladies at the Artemis Club.

APM: Handy Blues

Capone tells bootlegger to respect the neighborhood boundries.

APM: The August Waltz

Nucky lets daughtery know that he will not be part of the sinking ship.

Maurice Burkhart: At The Moving Picture Ball

Van Alden tries to sell irons door to door.

The Wonderful Belgian Band Organ, Vol. 2: American Patrol

Harrow and Tommy talk about Jimmy & Angela.

Vince Giordano & The Nighthawks: Shake Your Fee

New Year's Eve Party at Nucky & Margaret's house.

Edison Concert Band: Stephanie Gavotte

Harrow shows Tommy a picture that Angela once painted.

Stephen DeRosa and Meg Steedle accompanied by Vince Giordano and the Nighthawks: Old King Tut

Eddie Cantor & Billie Kent perform at Nucky & Margaret's New Year's Eve Party.

Vince Giordano & The Nighthawks: Snake Fanfare

Billie Kent encourages Nucky to make a toast.

Tuxedo Dance Orchestra: Sweet and Low

Gillian tells Harrow to forget about the past.

Ted Weems & His Orch: Somebody Stole My Gal © 1923

Office party at Farraday Electric Iron -Van Alden is too late!

OC: Three O'Clock In The Morning

Nucky and associates discuss business downstairs in the kitchen.

Vince Giordano & The Nighthawks: Snake Fanfare

Brings out the treasure chest.

OC: I'll Build a Stairway to Paradise

Nucky says he will only sell booze to Rothstein. Gyp Rosetti is disgruntled.

OC: Auld Lang Syne

Clock strikes midnight at Nucky & Margaret's New Year's Eve Party. Gyp Rosetti gives his dog to Margaret.

Paul Whiteman Orch: Dancing Honeymoon

Manny prepares to go out

Marion Harris: There'll Be Some Changes Made

End Credits

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