The Brian Jonestown Massacre: Straight Up and Down

Main Title

The Rose of Washington Square: All Star Trio

Van Alden promises to pick up lemons for Lucy

APM studio musician: Wien Bliebt Wien (Vienna Forever Vienna)

Nucky disagrees with Remus on phone

Paul Whiteman: Moonlight

Lucy's water breaks

Belgian Band Organ: Clarinet Polka

Nucky celebrates being a federal defendant, calls Attorney General

The Darling Madam Laura: Old Comrades March

A big meeting to discuss the booze shipment from Philly

John Philip Sousa: You're My Baby

Lucy yells to neighbor kid for help

Paul Whiteman: Just a Little Love Song

Jimmy & Angela pass wireless display on boardwalk, he kisses her while spying on Nucky, Waxey, and Kaufman

Joseph Payne: Volluntary in D minor

Margaret and Teddy wait for confession

Wurlitzer 153 Duplex Band Organ: The Marine's Hymn

Nucky's angry on phone with Daugherty

Electric City 4: Beela Boola

Thorogood gets thrown out of the Ritz

Billy Murray: When You Hear That Raggy Refrain

Lucy gives birth

Harry MacDonough & The Orpheus Quartet: Turn Back the Universe and Give Me Yesterday

Photographer takes Teddy's communion portrait

Billy Murray: When You Hear That Raggy Refrain

End Credits

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