The Brian Jonestown Massacre: Straight Up and Down

Main Titles

Luetta Lockwood Moore: Jardine D'Amour

Hardeen entertains in Nucky’s suite.

Dagmar Peckova & Prague Chamber Philharmonic Orchestra: Kindertotenlieder

Commodore wants Jimmy to take back Atlantic City from Nucky.

Belgian Band Organ: Bill Bailey, Won't You Please Come Home

Angela & Mary make plans for Paris. Sebso tells Nucky about Van Alden’s suspicions.

Wurlitzer 153: The Man on the Flying Trapeze

Annabelle interrupts Nucky for some “help”. Margaret catches them.

Al Jolson: Back to the Carolina You Love

Gillian gives Jimmy the entire backstory.

Jan Rap: Chorus of the Hebrew Slaves

Nucky announces the resignation of Eli.

Peter Mintun: By the Beautiful Sea

Angela & Tommy arrive at empty studio… the Dittrichs are gone.

Boardwalk One Man Band: Il Trovatore

Nucky gets his fortune told by Lady Jean.

Vince Giordano and the Nighthawks featuring Nellie McKay: Wild Romantic Blues

End Credits

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