Season 1

07: Home


The Brian Jonestown Massacre: Straight Up and Down

Opening Credits

Victor Herbert: Chanson Triste, Op. 40 No. 2

Capone finds out where Liam is and tells Jimmy.

James Reese Europe: Indianola

"Mr. Lewis" pays Chalky a visit.

Bob Barratt, Edward Elgar, Colin Fretcher: Salut d'Amour

Nucky chats with Ward Boss Fleming about his family.

George Wilson: Birthday Cheer

Nucky offers Fleming the house.

Martin Price: Parlour Song

Annabelle talks to Margaret.

Alice Green & Harry McDonough: They Didn't Believe Me

Angela and Mary Dittrich are together.

Ehud Asherie: Dat's Ma Honey

Jimmy has a drink with Harrow, introduces him to Odette.

Mark Shane & Catherine Russell: Crazy Blues

Nucky & Margaret go on a double date.

Mark Shane: Harlem Strut

Nucky & Margaret go on a double date.

Mark Shane & Jim Fryer: Carolina Shout

Nucky & Margaret go on a double date.

E. Power Biggs: Toccata in d minor

Harrow is the sniper; Lucy watches Jekyll & Hyde.

Marion Harris: Don't Leave Me Daddy

Ward Boss Fleming pulls up to see his house ablaze; End of show credits.

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