The Brian Jonestown Massacre: Straight Up and Down

Opening Credits

Gypsy Queen: American Patrol

Ward Boss O'Neill on the boardwalk.

Vince Giordano: La Seduccion

Ward Boss O'Neill on the boardwalk.

Wurlitzer 157: Ben Hur Chariot Race

O'Neill is mugged by the D'Alessio brothers.

Robert Viger: Fatty's Fiance

Torrio wants out of Greektown.

Jonathan Starkey: Palm Leaf Rag

Torrio wants out of Greektown.

Peter Mintun & Grace Paradise: Toyland

Lucy shops for new lingerie.

Peter Mintun & Grace Paradise: Memories/Kiss Me Again

Lucy and Margaret in the dressing room.

Vince Giordano and the Nighthawks: Maple Leaf Rag

Margaret and kids pull up to their new home.

Jan Rap: Das Kommt Vom Rudern

Nucky interrogates Lucky.

Scott Joplin: A Real Slow Drag

Jimmy sits alone and reads.

Paragon Ragtime Orchestra: Whippoorwill Dance

Jimmy sits alone.

Henry Davies: Trombone Chutney

Nucky invites Margaret on a date.

Ehud Asherie: A Good Man is Hard to Find

Jimmy belittles Capone in front of Torrio.

Boardwalk Empire String Quartet: String Quartet in G minor, Op. 74.3, "The Horseman"

Nucky tries to make a deal with Hague over road appropriations.

W.C. Handy's Orchestra of Memphis: That Jazz Dance

Capone surprises Jimmy with steaks.

Original Dixieland Jazz Band: Sweet Mama (Papa's Getting Mad)

Capone opens up about his son.

Lauren Sharpe: The Japanese Sandman

Nucky learns that Edge is an investor in a paving company.

R. Nathaniel Dett: Barcarolle

Margaret waits by the phone; Van Alden flagellates himself.

Nora Bayes: The Japanese Sandman

End of show credits.

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